The Day Lucy Was Born

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October 4, 2015 by FoodforPenny

It was Saturday, October 4th. I was 5 days overdue and irrationally angry at our unborn second daughter for seemingly trying to upstage her older sister’s 4th birthday. (October 5)

Ethan and Becca had stayed overnight with grandparents. I woke up Saturday to discover another night had passed without my going into labor. Sick of walking, sick of bouncing on an exercise ball, sick of cleaning my unusually spotless house… I took a nap mid-morning and was woken by a strong contraction…

Another one, just a few moments later. I told John, somewhat bitterly that a contraction woke me up. Then, another. Stuff was getting real and intensifying quickly – I’ve never welcomed discomfort so eagerly! I told John we’d better start getting ready. I was already focusing on breathing through contractions. As I was walking through the house to get ready, I had to stop for contractions, coming 3-5 min apart. John was collecting his overnight stuff. (Dude. My due date was 5 days ago and your bags aren’t packed??) “Hey Pen, where are my swim trunks?” 

I answered, leaning on the steps through a strong contraction “WE REALLLY NEED TO LEAVE!”. I think we were past the point of laboring in a birth tub anyway. 

En route to the hospital I was beginning to have visions of delivering in the car. We made it to the hospital (thanks to John’s cautious speeding 😉). I was still contracting very strongly while being wheeled to the birthing unit. Which is humiliating, by the way. Everyone we passed looked at me with worried sympathetic smiles. 

No later than 10 minutes after our arrival, the midwife checked and said disbelievingly “you… are… fully dilated!!?” 

The room became a flurry of preparation to receive a baby – 2 more contractions and I felt the urge to push. A large peanut-shaped birth ball was wonderful for leaning into contractions on the bed, then resting between. 

My midwife watched my face and shoulders and reminded me to relax my muscles. John was right there holding my hands and offering sweet encouragement. Pushing. Pushing. Pushing. She expertly coached me to push, then pause through a contraction as our little girl’s head crowned. Since I was kneeling, I couldn’t see Lucy’s face, but I could hear her cries before her body was delivered. One more push; John was the first to hold her. He delivered her and handed her to to me. 

She was beautiful. I was crying, trembling, and laughing with sheer delight and relief. The first thing I noticed was a huge dimple on her right cheek.  Thank you Lord for your good and perfect gift! 

Lucy was very vocal in her first 5 minutes. The midwife gave her a perfect 10 apgar score since she presented with a loud set of working lungs. 8 lbs and 1 oz, our smallest baby yet.  

Afterward the midwife informed me that Lucy presented with her hand on her cheek – she told me that if it hadn’t been for that, (causing her to pass through the birth canal slower) she thought it likely that I would’ve delivered in the car. 

Lucille Elizabeth means “Light” and “Promise of God”. She really does remind us of God’s promises daily, and her easy-going, affectionate temperament are sweetness personified.



Smiles and dimples for days. As a newborn, Lucy often laughed in her dreams.

Lucy meets her siblings.


Lucy’s Fall fashion.



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