Prince Charming, the Prequel


June 16, 2013 by FoodforPenny

After a particularly heart breaking event, a broken engagement to be exact, my dad and I took a road trip to a special family spot in upper Michigan.

My heart was broken, yet relieved to end the relationship. God was gracious; I started a new job, and bought a smart little used car with leather seats and a sunroof.

My dad and I took a little road trip that I will always remember with great fondness. It was spring time in Michigan. Everything was just coming alive again after a long winter that had left some painful marks. We drove over the Mackinac bridge and toured spots where my family had vacationed many times together.

I enjoyed the fellowship, reminiscing and gorgeous Michigan scenery. Now looking back after several years of marriage and parenthood, I deeply cherish what my dad did for me, not only on that trip, but my whole life. He showed me what it was like to be treated with respect and tenderness, he was a gentleman in every way.

When God did bring my real Prince Charming, my dad had set the bar pretty high in the manhood department. My sweet suitor wisely recognized that my dad was a man who fiercely loved God and his daughters.

Where other boys balked at my dad’s seemingly old fashioned ideas for relationships, my Prince Charming embraced them, and communicated to me that my comfort level was most important to him. Bingo.

Seventeen months later, my dad walked me down the aisle and confidently gave me in marriage to my wonderful, prayed-for husband, John.

Thank you, dad for loving me unconditionally and inspiring me to aim high.

Thank you for admitting mistakes and seeking forgiveness.

Thank you for extending grace and forgiveness.

Thank you for being a humble man and quiet leader, it speaks volumes.

2002. My dad and I, enjoying breakfast.

2006, walking me down the aisle to the capable arms of my husband.



2 thoughts on “Prince Charming, the Prequel

  1. such a beautiful story – i sort of stumbled across your blog, but it was a delight to read this πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much! I wrote that to read to my dad on Father’s Day. πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your marriage! Just checked out your wedding post – beautiful. I love your bridal make-up!!

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